Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Charities changed by technology

Charities changed by technology: "August 16, 2005

The Internet has transformed the way people shop for cars, pick the right stock options and choose the movie they want to see on the weekend -- and now it can be used to help them shop for the right charity. At the same time, technology can help charities keep track of their donors and enhance their services.

Fewer women find their way into tech - 2005-08-15

Fewer women find their way into tech - 2005-08-15: "Fewer women find their way into tech
Bob Mook
Denver Business Journal

The number of women considering careers in information technology has dropped to its lowest level since the mid-1970s -- and one local nonprofit organization intends to do something about it.

Based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) wants to know why women are losing interest in technology -- and what can be done to bring them back."

Monday, August 15, 2005

RedNova News - Technology - High-Tech Help From a Low-Tech Guy

RedNova News - Technology - High-Tech Help From a Low-Tech Guy: "High-Tech Help From a Low-Tech Guy

Aug. 6--HULL -- The Shurgard guy may still be in shock.

Shurgard, the self-storage company, is a contributor in kind to the World Computer Exchange, a Hull-based nonprofit organization that takes used computer equipment and sends it to schools in developing countries. Since 2001, WCE has shipped 14,000 discarded computers to schools in some 30 countries.

Earlier this year, Tim Anderson, WCE's founder and president, was in Columbia, Md., overseeing a donation. 'Some student volunteers had gathered up, oh, 140 computer sets, something like that, and brought them to the Shurgard facility,' Anderson recalls. 'The guy there was just shaking his head. 'They had them duct-taped to the roof of the car!' '

Duct tape and computers: That's WCE, a singular blend of global vision and no-frills execution. It's hard to imagine an organization that's so thoroughly high tech in content and so cheerfully low tech in form. Dedicated to bridging the digital divide, WCE has itself firmly planted on both sides"

The Communication Initiative - Materials - NGO-in-a-box

The Communication Initiative - Materials - NGO-in-a-box: "Materials

by Tactical Technology Collective

NGO-in-a-box is a physical box of CDs consisting of a complimentary set of peer-reviewed and selected Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) solutions tailored to the needs of not-for-profit, non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

The publisher, Tactical Technology Collective (TTC), indicates that each thematic edition of NGO-in-a-box is shaped by a team of practitioners who seek to provide organisations not only with the software they need in relation to a given topic, "