Friday, August 03, 2007

Global Kids' Digital Media Initiative

Global Kids' Digital Media Initiative: "The Non-profit and Philanthropy Thread at the 2007 Second Life Community Convention
Developed by Global Kids in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation



The education track keynote will be given by Connie Yowell, the Director of Education in the MacArthur Foundation's Program on Human and Community Development. In this role, she focuses on grants relating to public education, and on the implications for education of young people's use of digital media."

News Channel 7, Upstate South Carolina - National

News Channel 7, Upstate South Carolina - National: "MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Billionaire Carlos Slim said he doesn't care if he is the world's richest man and promised to donate hundreds of thousands of laptop computers to Mexican children.

The Mexican telecom mogul pledged Thursday to donate 250,000 low-cost laptops to children by the end of the year and as many as 1 million in 2008, saying 'digital education' holds the key for Mexico's poor.

Slim is listed by Forbes as the world's second-richest man with holdings worth US$53 billion (euro38.79 billion), but some financial analysts say he may have overtaken Microsoft founder Bill Gates as the world's richest."

Thursday, August 02, 2007

GuideStar - News - Articles - The Future of Fundraising

From Guidestar's August 07 Newsletter

GuideStar - News - Articles - The Future of Fundraising: "The Future of Fundraising

Technology is changing so fast it has become almost impossible to keep up. Every year something new hits the market; whether it's the coolest gadget or the next version of a critical software application, nonprofits are not immune to the changing societal landscape. Technology has fundamentally altered the way people interact, and nonprofit organizations need to adapt to the changing conversation in order to maintain and advance fundraising efforts."

Cooperative squeezes out a profit by marrying high-tech, nonprofits

Cooperative squeezes out a profit by marrying high-tech, nonprofits: "Cooperative squeezes out a profit by marrying high-tech, nonprofits
by Carolyne Yu
Aug 01, 2007


Carolyne Yu/Medill

The Illinois Technology Cooperative's Jim Craner works in the comfort of his home.

Jim Craner found his first love, computer technology, early on. Then he spent a year working at the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago through Americorps Vista and found a second love -- working with nonprofits.

With the help of two colleagues, Craner, 28, was able to combine his passions by creating the Chicago-based Chicago Technology Cooperative."

Monday, July 30, 2007

Not What You Think: Second Life Wiimote Training - Kotaku

Not What You Think: Second Life Wiimote Training - Kotaku: "Take the innumerable possibilities present in the world of Second Life and combine them with the motion-sensing capabilities of the Nintendo Wiimote, and what do you get? If you're MIT research fellow David E. Stone, you get a highly customizable training simulator."

Bleary-Eyed Blogging for Charity -

Bleary-Eyed Blogging for Charity - "Bleary-Eyed Blogging for Charity

More than 500 bloggers from around the world have signed up to participate in a 24-hour Blogathon to raise money for charity starting at 6 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday.

The participants will raise money for a charity of their choice, promising donors they will update their blogs every 30 minutes during the 24-hour period. (Update: The pledges totaled more than $120,000, according to the Blogathon site.)"

CharityVillage®Research: Seven ways nonprofits can use podcasts

Birtt Bravo on Charity Village discusses Podcasts.

CharityVillage®Research: Seven ways nonprofits can use podcasts: "Seven ways nonprofits can use podcasts

By Britt Bravo
July 30, 2007

Interested in creating a podcast for your nonprofit, but not sure what kind of content would be appropriate podcasting material? In this article, which was modified from a post that first appeared on the NetSquared Blog, writer Britt Bravo offers suggestions for creating compelling podcasts out of your everyday work.

A 2005 study by the PEW Internet & American Life Project found that more than 22 million American adults own iPods or MP3 players and 29% of them have downloaded podcasts from the Web. 'That amounts to more than six million adults who have tried this new feature that allows Internet 'broadcasts' to be downloaded onto their portable listening device,' the study noted."

The Ithaca Journal - - Ithaca, NY

The Ithaca Journal - - Ithaca, NY: "Grant looks to help nonprofits create better presentations

The United Way of Tompkins County has received a $9,500 grant from the Verizon Foundation to establish a lending library of equipment and software to be used by nonprofit health and human service organizations to produce professional presentations.

The grant will be matched with $2,500 approved by the United Way Board of Directors to fund the Verizon Mobile Education Lab and Training Series."

The NonProfitTimes - eNewsletter-t's Wiki-World

The NonProfitTimes - eNewsletter: "Taking advantage of the first revision of Form 990 in years, the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) and Guidestar have created a Wiki page to solicit comments and suggestions for the new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form.

Like Wikipedia, the collaborative online encyclopedia, users can log on with a username and password at and offer their thoughts and opinions on any of the nine parts of 15 schedules of the new draft form. The page is expected to be available through August."