Friday, June 23, 2006

Scripps Howard News Service-Non-voice way to communicate popular with young people

Scripps Howard News Service: "Text messaging has evolved into a powerful non-voice form of communication for cell phone users, especially younger subscribers who love to trade short notes and updates. The practice has grown in just a few years to the point where more than one-third of cell phone users regularly send and receive text messages, most of them personal.

Now businesses, governments and nonprofit groups are increasingly finding it handy to provide a wide array of services and information.

In the process they are finding out that text messaging can reach an unusually large audience, is easy to use and offers an immediacy not found in voice calls, e-mail or instant messaging."

United eWay Announces Launch of Mobile Tools @ SYS-CON Media

Press Release
United eWay Announces Launch of Mobile Tools @ SYS-CON Media: "NASHVILLE, Tenn., United eWay Conference, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking a leadership role in the move to incorporate mobile technology into the world of philanthropy, United eWay, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Way of America, announced it will launch a new suite of advanced mobile communication and fundraising products to compliment its existing technology offerings. To power its mobile platform, United eWay has partnered with Denver based Mobile Accord, Inc., the premier provider of mobile technology to the non-profit sector.

United eWay is the first major non-profit in the United States to embrace the mobile channel by providing corporate philanthropic initiatives, its parent organization, and third party non-profit clients with innovative ways of interacting with their donors and volunteers through mobile messaging."
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