Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tallahassee Democrat - - Tallahassee, FL.-Web site helping to raise money for local nonprofits

Tallahassee Democrat - - Tallahassee, FL.: "Web site helping to raise money for local nonprofits

By TaMaryn Waters

Forget the car washes and bake sales. Raising money for your favorite charity is as easy as clicking your mouse.

That's the case for seven local nonprofit organizations that are innovating their approaches by using an increasingly popular Web site called GoodSearch. The Yahoo-powered search engine, which has attracted national attention from CNN, The Wall Street Journal and others, allows schools and charities to collect a penny every time someone designates them and then accesses the Internet through that site."

Monday, July 31, 2006

Who Gives What and Why: Noza Knows

Who Gives What and Why: Noza Knows: "Who Gives What and Why: Noza Knows
by Barbara Quint
July 31, 2006 — Behind most of society’s happier moments, you will find the contributions of the generous. Funds from donors provide the resources that empower more than a million nonprofit organizations. To help these organizations find their power connections, a new database and search engine from Noza, LLC ( offers more than 12 million separate records of charitable contributions and donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Craig Harris, CEO and founder of Noza, expects heavy use from established prospect researchers serving the 500,000 heavy hitter nonprofits, but he mainly hopes to serve the million smaller nonprofits needing prospects. Charges for the database operate on a declining scale with partial records available for free. All of the data in the system comes from open Web sources, according to Harris. “As of now,” Noza inputs no print data nor does it tap proprietary databases. However, the six resellers of Noza’s files do carry access to a range of proprietary files."