Friday, August 10, 2007

E-male - The Boston Globe

Thanks to Steven at Library Stuff for the Heads up.

E-male - The Boston Globe: "E-male By Ellen Goodman, Globe Columnist | August 10, 2007 IT'S WORTH remembering that the blogosphere is still so new it baffles spell check. For that matter, if I type 'blogger' on my screen, my retro software offers alternatives like 'loggers,' 'floggers,' and 'boggler.'"

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Google News Blog: Perspectives about the news from people in the news

Google News Blog: Perspectives about the news from people in the news: "We wanted to give you a heads-up on a new, experimental feature we'll be trying out on the Google News home page. Starting this week, we'll be displaying reader comments on stories in Google News, but with a bit of a twist...

We'll be trying out a mechanism for publishing comments from a special subset of readers: those people or organizations who were actual participants in the story in question. Our long-term vision is that any participant will be able to send in their comments, and we'll show them next to the articles about the story. Comments will be published in full, without any edits, but marked as 'comments' so readers know it's the individual's perspective, rather than part of a journalist's report."

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Acronym: Experience Web 2.0 at Annual Meeting

From the ASAE Blog Acronym. Of interest to those attending ASAE and the Center's 2007 Annual Meeting

Acronym: Experience Web 2.0 at Annual Meeting: "You've heard a lot recently about Web 2.0 and social media and the way that they're transforming human interaction. You've probably also heard the Chicken Littles of the world describing how Web 2.0 could spell the demise of associations. They say that associations are being disintermediated from the very constituents they claim to represent by the evolution of social structures and networks which can now be supported by the Internet. The best way to understand how the social web can transform the way you interact with an association, its members, and its programs is to actually participate in Web 2.0 and experience it for yourself. So, if you're attending ASAE & The Center's 2007 Annual Meeting -- or even if you're not -- here are three ways you can enhance your participation -- or participate virtually -- by tapping into social web things going on next week in Chicago:"

ATM 'Giving Kiosks' Arrive in Churches - Switched: Gadgets, Tech, Digital Stuff for the Rest of Us

AFP wrote about this in a December 2006 ewire.

ATM 'Giving Kiosks' Arrive in Churches - Switched: Gadgets, Tech, Digital Stuff for the Rest of Us: "ATM 'Giving Kiosks' Arrive in Churches

Posted Aug 7th 2007 2:20PM by Terrence O'Brien
Filed under: Computers
Giving Kiosks in Churches ATMsEveryone's gotta change with the times, including religious faiths, and we're not talking about same-sex marriage here. We're talking about plastic. Cash has been on the outs with the American public for a while now. Some Americans don't even bother to carry any at this point, and churches are trying to keep pace. Many now accept credit cards or automatic bank transfers for donations."

Acquirer taps into eTapestry's growth |

Acquirer taps into eTapestry's growth | "Greenfield-based eTapestry was bought Monday for $24.8 million by Blackbaud.
It's familiar territory for Jay Love, who helped found eTapestry in 1999, two years after selling a previous company to Blackbaud.
Love said the sale is the best way for eTapestry, which has grown to 85 employees and $7.2 million in revenue, to keep expanding"

Monday, August 06, 2007

The NonProfit Times - "Blackbaud Buys eTapestry

The NonProfit Times - The Leading Business Publication For Nonprofit Management: "Blackbaud Buys eTapestry
Acquisition adds on-demand database access

By Paul Clolery
Nonprofit software provider Blackbaud has made its second major acquisition this year, buying online donor management and advocacy tool eTapestry. During the past two years Blackbaud has spent more than $90 million on acquisitions in the nonprofit software and advocacy marketplace."

The NonProfitTimes - eNewsletter-"Finding Grants Through Online Databases

The NonProfitTimes - eNewsletter: "Finding Grants Through Online Databases

By Waddy Thompson
Competition for funding has never been greater, with the proliferation of nonprofits well outpacing the robust growth in new foundations. Not surprisingly, online databases offering information on grant-makers are also increasing, and existing databases are improving their services.

The wide range of options now available makes it difficult to make sure you're picking the best one for you. Researching them all could take you days. Although most offer free online demonstrations, you don't get to test drive them to search for data that's relevant to you. Here's how to decide which is right for your organization."