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New research published today shows a dramatic rise in charities' online activities and a surge in the number of organisations using the net to reach out to donors and supporters. Liza Ramrayka reports

Thursday September 22, 2005

Charities' use of the internet finally may be coming of age, according to new research today which shows a dramatic rise in online activities over the last decade and a surge in charities using the net to manage their donors and supporters.

Findings from the 2005 Virtual Promise research, published today by not-for-profit thinktank nfpSynergy, show that one in three large charities (with annual turnover of �10m plus) say their trustees are involved in their internet strategy. This compares to just one in 10 in 2000 when nfpSynergy first started to track charities' use of the internet. The findings show a similar trend among medium (�1m-�10m turnover) and small (less than �1m) organisations. Across the board, the biggest jump in involvement has been in the past 12 months."

Beltway Blogroll: After Katrina: A Fundraising Blog Swarm

Beltway Blogroll: After Katrina: A Fundraising Blog Swarm: "BELTWAY BLOGROLL
After Katrina: A Fundraising Blog Swarm

The fundraising blog swarm triggered by one of America's most severe weather storms officially ended yesterday with a tally of nearly $1.2 million, but the contribution total continued to climb today. As of late this afternoon, it stood at $1,220,310.

Conservative bloggers organized the effort. Another online relief fundraiser to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina is still under way at liberal blogs.

Conservatives seized on the idea for a coordinated fundraiser first and excelled in both organization and the amount of money they raised. The fundraiser initially was to be a one-day event, but it was expanded to cover the entire Labor Day weekend. The more than 1,800 bloggers from 35 countries who participated used their online journals to make recurring appeals for donations to various charitable groups."

Welcome to Net Hope

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NetHope is dedicated to the best use of available
technology resources by our member agencies in order
to improve their ability to deliver community benefit. We
do this by working across the agencies as a highly
collaborative team, sharing ICT knowledge, solving
common problems, creating industry relationships to
support the public benefit work of all our members, and
educating members as well as the wider community of