Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Celebs Join MySpace and PayPal for 'Net Philanthropy Effort - MarketingVOX

Celebs Join MySpace and PayPal for 'Net Philanthropy Effort - MarketingVOX: "he aforementioned celebrities are supporting the effort by sporting the fundraising widget on their MySpace profiles:

* The Jonas Brothers:
* Miley Cyrus:
* Hilary Duff:
* Vanessa Hudgens:

Each star was given the opportunity to support their own charity. Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, for example, is using the widget to help save the wales"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foundations and Web 2.0 -

From the Chronicle Give and Take Blog
Foundations and Web 2.0 - "Foundations and Web 2.0

A new report that looks at how foundations are using interactive Web 2.0 technology, such as blogs, podcasts, and social networks, in their communications has been announced — appropriately — on the blog run by the Communications Network, a membership organization for people who handle public relations at foundations.

Some foundations are already embracing technology tools that allow for two-way communications, write the report’s authors David Brotherton and Cynthia Scheiderer."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Trees Forever does high-tech tree planting --

Trees Forever does high-tech tree planting -- "DES MOINES, Iowa - Trees Forever is going high-tech to plant trees in Des Moines.

The nonprofit group plans to use cutting-edge, high-definition images of the city to guide the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees over the next several years.

The technology will be unveiled Wednesday during a symposium where the group will discuss forestry issues."

Giving goes techno

Charity Village®NewsWeek: Cover Story: "Giving goes techno
Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf By Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
September 22, 2008

In an increasingly technological world, it’s becoming easier to donate to charity from home - or wherever you are - than ever before.

One wouldn’t necessarily think it, but last year alone, one TV show, in only one episode, managed to get viewers at home to contribute more than $75 million USD to charities in Africa and the US. That show: American Idol Gives Back.

Using ubiquitous technologies such as text messaging and online donations, the show was able to raise the funds from its viewership almost instantaneously. Such is the power and the impact of new technologies on the charitable sector." - Nonprofits seek friends BY THE NUMBERS OTHER MEDIA CASE STUDY - Nonprofits seek friends BY THE NUMBERS OTHER MEDIA CASE STUDY: "Nonprofit groups continue to struggle through tough economic times, when donations drop and need rises.

Often, the first budget cuts come in the marketing department--which a nonprofit marketing expert calls shortsighted.

But there is one marketing tool that requires few resources--social networking Web sites."

Social Media Opportunities for Social Movements | Open Media Boston

Social Media Opportunities for Social Movements | Open Media Boston: "Social Media Opportunities for Social Movements
by Jesse Kirdahy-Scalia (Staff), Sep-19-08

* Open Source
* Tech News


Traditional mass media forums provide few opportunities for weak social movement organizations to advance their frames. As a result, organizations without sufficient resources are largely absent from public discourse in the mass media forum. Fortunately, social media sites that rely on user-generated content create forums for more democratic public discourse, and the high visibility of user-generated content and conversation promotes a sense of collective identity and power. How can social movement organizations best take advantage of these forums to promote their own stories and frames, and encourage activism?"