Thursday, June 23, 2011

A fireside chat with Jean Case at #MDS11 � Nonprofit Nate

A fireside chat with Jean Case at #MDS11 � Nonprofit Nate: "Jean Case is an actively engaged philanthropist and a pioneer in the world of interactive technologies. Her career in the private sector spanned nearly two decades before she and her husband, Steve Case, created the Case Foundation in 1997. A passionate believer in all things digital and the amazing potential of technology to change the world for the better, Raymund Flandez of the Chronicle on Philanthropy sat down with Jean for a compelling conversation at today’s Millennial Donor Summit.

Raymund: You’re seen as a champion of Millennials. Why is that?

Jean: We’ve come to learn they have unique and valuable qualities. In the years of working with them we’ve learned a lot about them. There’s a stereotype that they are self-absorbed, etc. and that’s simply not true. We’ve had tremendous experiences"

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