Friday, October 28, 2011

Web the new frontier for activism -

Web the new frontier for activism - I had been skeptical of social networking and didn't have a compelling personal reason to use it. So if you told me two years ago I'd be writing this op-ed, I'd have told you that you were nuts. But that marathon campaign changed my mind. People started coming to us for tips on how to recreate our success. We realized that what we had engineered was out of the reach of most individuals and many nonprofits.

So my partners and I launched CrowdRise. Now, everyone can create "Charitable Life," a personal Web page dedicated to raising money for good causes, in about 60 seconds. Site users can ask people in their own networks to support the cause. It works because people want to help their friends and they want to have fun doing it. Also, it's massively more efficient in cost and labor than traditional fundraising efforts.

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