Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Marc Chardon: Peering Into the Nonprofit Crystal Ball...2013

Marc Chardon: Peering Into the Nonprofit Crystal Ball...2013: Technology will play a major role for both nonprofits and their supporters

At times, it would seem that ongoing technology trends like mobile and cloud will go on forever, but at some point these technologies reach a tipping point that causes a transformational change in the way people relate to technology. In 2013, we will likely see this transpire in the nonprofit sector. Supporters will be able to observe real-time mission delivery through mobile devices. Relying on CRM and Big Data, nonprofits will have a comprehensive understanding of all the ways supporters interact with their organizations and will be able to tailor branded experiences for each and every supporter. According to the recent State of the Nonprofit Industry report, the use of mobile technologies will more than double for most nonprofit organizations in 2013. In many ways, nonprofits will move from testing the mobile experience to delivering the mobile experience this year.

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