Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Techcafeteria Blog � The Nonprofit Management Gap

Techcafeteria Blog � The Nonprofit Management Gap: ome of those jobs got bad, but here’s how bad it can get when management just doesn’t get technology.

So, back to my rant, here’s my question: why would we increase the strategic role of marketing at the expense of strategic technology integration? Is that a conscious desire to move just as far backward as we’re moving forward? Is this suggestion out of a frustration that people who manage technology aren’t exclusively supporting communications in our resource-strapped environments? In any case, it’s a sad day for the sector if we’re going to pitch turf wars instead of overall competence. There is no question: we need high level technologists looking after our infrastructure, data strategy, and constituent engagement. But we can’t address critical needs by crippling other areas.

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