Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Making "the Ask" in a Brave New World | Gary Laermer

Making "the Ask" in a Brave New World | Gary Laermer: A key part of reaching and engaging younger donors is exploiting technology to our fullest advantage. Social media and other digital technologies have made it easier and more economical than ever for philanthropic organizations and young people to connect with one other and raise money in a competitive environment. Embracing social media is now and will continue to be essential: a recent survey from the Millennial Impact Project found that eight in 10 young donors have smartphones and use them to read materials from nonprofit groups, and that three in four young donors have engaged with or shared nonprofit content on social networks. If they haven't already, philanthropic entities must redouble their digital and social media efforts to connect with a large group of people who are engaged and technologically savvy.

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