Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tech Is Everyone's Job | NTEN

Tech Is Everyone's Job | NTEN: "Let’s face it: It’s 2015. Technology is a central part of how we do our work, communicate, and even fundraise. The idea that technology – from decisions to training and even testing new tools – would be something reserved for a single staff person or department simply doesn’t meet the needs we have as organizations anymore. 

I am not saying, of course, that I think a technology or I.T. staff role or department isn’t necessary! Quite the contrary: I think the opportunity for the staff person or people serving in a technology or I.T. capacity to be leaders in the organization is bigger than ever before. When everyone in the organization is participating in decision-making, budgeting, testing, and invested in effectiveness, those technology staff are the instrumental leaders creating and supporting organization-wide processes, plans, and strategies. "

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