Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Non-Profits Use Vine for Good

Non-Profits Use Vine for Good: With user attention spans shrinking, a new app from Twitter hopes to capture viewers attention in the blink of an eye. Vine prompts users to record and share six-second videos that loop over and over much like a gif. Most of these addicting little videos have a funny bent, but businesses have caught on to the trend. Retailer Urban Outfitters recently hosted a Vine contest in which it asked users to document a day in the life of their sneakers. Home Improvement chain Lowes is one of the leading brands on Vine with its #Lowesfixinsix series. Non-profits may not have expansive budgets, satellite hughesnet Internet or the latest camera equipment, but Vine levels the playing field.

Vine should interest non-profits because it is an inexpensive, effective way to spread a cause. Learn from proven businesses to create viral Vines.

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